Friday, 20 August 2010

In a bad situation.

Hence never updting it monday. I dont know when il be updating but just figured id drop a line to say i aint dead. But for real....Fuck how complicated life can be lol.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Film/Game/Cd you should own vol 2:

Film - Lost Season 1

Ok so it's not really a film but im starting my rewatch of LOST and the season kick starts with a plane crash and the survivors of flight 815 stranded on a tropical island. They assume they will be rescued in a few days but are sorley mistaken. From mysteries such as a french transmition signal. Wispers in the jungle, Talk of "The others" and a mysterious hatch found in the ground the character driven show is driven with the help of the questions the mysteries bring to light. The show has recieved very mixed opinions due to these questions but if your in it more fore the story of the characters this show is easily the best out there.

Game - Half life: The orange box

O.k so this game might not be what the world LOVES in a first person shooter but that's esactly what makes these games. The story develops well and there fun and original to play. The landscapes are more fun and it isn't always continuiosly shoot/hide/shoot/hide like other shooters. The game also features one of the best puzzle games ever created in portal. This game is probably easy to pick up now for very low prices so i suggest this game to everyone who hasn't played it.

CD - Nas & Damien Marley -Distant Relatives

For this i have tryed to review it but couldnt find the right words to say how great it is so i took the following from the bbc website as it is fitting.

"When Nas confirmed this collaboration with Damian Marley, he mentioned how hip hop and reggae are intertwined. Documented history agrees: hip hop exploded from the projects of New York only after taking inspiration from Jamaican sound system culture. (Jeff Chang’s Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop book of 2005 explores these roots.) This set’s title is a nod to a mutual lineage that stretches back to Africa – its artwork features an image of Menelik II, Emperor of Ethiopia when the country defended itself from invading Italian forces in the late 19th century.

With common backgrounds considered, it’s disappointing that collaborative projects featuring prominent artists from these fields haven’t yet delivered a worthwhile album. Marley’s 2005 release Welcome to Jamrock was a step forwards, but Distant Relatives represents an accomplished attempt to go further, fusing traits with few discernable flaws. It succeeds where previous “Artist A feat. Artist B” efforts have not by allowing space aplenty for its twin protagonists to shine, neither compromising their strengths to play second fiddle while the other steals the spotlight.

Nas has exhibited abilities above your average emcee ever since his sensational Illmatic LP of 1994, commenting on street life without the usual clichés; Marley, meanwhile, has enjoyed commercial success while never glossing over the poverty that blights his Jamaican homeland, introducing a new generation to reggae as more than a background beat to roll a joint to. The fierce integrity exhibited by both could have led to a clashing of egos – but Distant Relatives is the result of a harmonious union, as if these performers had been recording together for several albums.

Nas might not embrace Jah as readily as Rastafarian Marley does – the rapper addresses his scepticism on In His Own Words, neither belittling nor bowing – but the balance between Zion-celebrating lyricism and the real-life observations that accompany hip hop wherever it lays its backwards cap fascinates throughout. Braggadocio is on the back-burner, too – when Marley insists that he’s “badder than Al Pacine” (sic) on Nah Mean, it’s with no reference to petty beef, but to far wider issues of capitalism and colonialism. Nas rhymes about his (then unborn) son on Count Your Blessings, and it’s instances of tenderness like this that lend Distant Relatives a universal appeal that suits its titular statement of intent: that we are all, underneath everything, related.

Being intertwined is one thing, inseparable quite another. Here, the solder never comes unstuck."

Monday, 9 August 2010

United Away....Kind of.

So as the press like to tell you the season kicked off yesterday at Wembley stadium, tho i slightly disagree with this statement it did nothing to take away from the fact i was excited to get my teeth back into the spirit of going to games to support my team (Chelsea).

Now the way i will normally conduct these blogs is with Twitter "updates" and also pics (Tho this one will only have 1 that i took as i need to buy a few more phone batterys.). Now the pics will mainly be outside of the ground as im not really big on people taking pics during games. Tho i will try to get 1 or 2 while in the stadium just not of the game.

The day started off with a bit of a shock at Broadstairs train station where there was about 50 people waiting for a train. And considering the size of the town it was abit odd, tho how they where dressed it wasnt long untill i found out it was because Broadstairs was host to a Folk festivle.Which ment the town was invaded by many odd people like this chap.

Now i don't know WTF that thing is on the left but it's scary enough without the fucking ginger wig!

Now as the train arrived this led to Twitter updates to begin "
UNITED AWAY UPDATE 1: Have infiltrated a group of people from a folk festival. Will try to take pics descretly. "

They spoke about the amount of "peace and love" that the town had shown them and that is generated during this week of folk and that they loved the town for annually being this way. That plus the pic led me to one conclusion, There are more people into puppet sex than i had originally thought.

"UNITED AWAY UPDATE 2: The folks left the train. No pics just memorys of a attractive girl with weird shaped boobs"

I won't lie i was oddly turned on by this one girl who i prayed would have to get off before me as i was nursing a precum erection. Tho she did have odd shapped boobs which led a mate to belive she could be a man... An attractive lady looking man at that.

"UNITED AWAY UPDATE 3:Arrived in London. Heading to Wembley "

We arrived at St Pancreas international to find that at least 30 so United fans moved to Kent and developed southern accents.

"UNITED AWAY UPDATE 4: Yo Mike. Nice Newcastle girl but probly a pedo obsivation on my part. "

On the way to our tube route i encountered a lovely looking Newcastle fan that would definatly of been a risk due to the "jailbait" factor. I decided not enough beers had been drunk and proceeded to Wembley. Sorry Mike

" UNITED AWAY UPDATE 5:Am there. Up the blues! "

I had gotten to Wembley where prices are even more inflated than there already are in London but i did get a quickly taken pic of Wembley

What a giant peice of shit....

Did have a chance to get interviewed for Sky but declined. And entered the stadium where i forgot they only serve Heniken at steep prices...erm no thanks.

"UNITED AWAY UPDATE 6: Staff are after a squirel with the skill of Messi. "

A squirell was on the Wembley pitch and they had a creative idea to capture it!! Lets get a man with a towel to creep up on it and catch it!! The Squirell was belived to be interested on gaining a place in the Chelsea starting eleven at West Brom after hearing Solomon Kalou had shockingly still not lost his place during preseason.

" UNITED AWAY UPDATE 7:I heard a vuvuzela. Someone shall die."

That's right i heard a few actually, Why they haven't been banned is beyond me personally and i will kill someone if i catch them i sware to that. But interestingly that wasn't the worst noise i was to hear all night as upsetingly and unknowingly i was about to be "treated" to a Tinchy strider gig. Tosser.....

Now thats where i stop "Updating" as it would be gay to twitter during a game but future away games may have updates on the way back.

My views on the game were that we didnt deserve to lose 3-1. The game was alot closer than that tho our defense for both the first 2 goals was poor, something that hasn't given me much confidence throughout our preseason to be honest. Hilario decided to run into no mans land when it wsnt required to gift United a 3rd didnt help. We seem to start slow and the intensity of our attacking from the 80th min is how we should be attacking. Benayoun is looking a good signing and Sturridge really should have a starting spot ahead of Kalou as he really looks the part as a striker.

I was happy tho as i got to tick Rooney off my list of people i got to call a fucking cunt to there face. After he's gesture to the Chelsea fans (Esactly where i was sat) and have no doubt he will of heard it. The other player i have been sucessful upon this list is Steven Gerrard :). First blood of the season goes to United but it's a game noone places importance on unless they win. A win over your rivals is always nice and it will be a boost to United but the season is a long race and i can't wait for it to kick off.

To follow Twitter updates add TMWKilla

To suggest blogs and things you would like to see on away day reviews drop me a comment.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Great footballers vol 2

This vol i decided to go with someone who influnced me as a kid who i looked up to while playing in goal even though im a shortass. Pretty much he made anything seem posible nd hence why i never hesitated to want to play that position. He is...Mr

Peter Schmeichel.

Professional career
[edit] Brøndby
Despite the fifth best defence in the league, conceding 40 goals in 30 games,[11] Schmeichel and Hvidovre finished in 14th place and were relegated in 1985. After only a single season, the club bounced right back to the 1st Division, but Schmeichel was lost by Hvidovre to Danish runners-up Brøndby IF before the 1987 season. Winning the Danish league in his first year, he joined a club which he helped turn into a success. He debuted for the Danish national team in May 1987, under national manager Sepp Piontek, and was selected for the Euro 88 tournament, where he eventually became Denmark's starting goalkeeper.

In all, Schmeichel and Brøndby won four championships in five seasons. The climax of his Brøndby career would come in the European 1991 UEFA Cup competition, which saw Schmeichel as an important part of the team that reached the semi-finals. The club was eliminated by AS Roma with a last-minute goal by Rudi Völler. Following the tournament, Schmeichel was voted 10th in "The World's Best Goalkeeper 1991" poll by the IFFHS.[12]

[edit] Manchester United
Following his showings on the international scene, Manchester United bought him in 1991 for £530,000,[13] a price which was described in 2000 by Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson as the "bargain of the century."[14] Schmeichel played the bulk of his career for United, eight years in total. With United, Schmeichel won five FA Premier League titles, three FA Cups, one League Cup, and the UEFA Champions League.

Manchester United finished as runners-up in Schmeichel's first season (also winning the Football League Cup for the first time in the club's history), but it was on the international stage that Schmeichel enjoyed his biggest success that year. In the Danish national team under new national manager Richard Møller Nielsen, Schmeichel was Denmark's starting goalkeeper at the Euro 92 tournament which they won. He saved a penalty kick from Marco van Basten in the semi-final, and most notably held a cross with one hand in the final. He made a string of important saves during the tournament, and was elected "The World's Best Goalkeeper 1992".[15]

In the 1992–93 season, 22 clean sheets from Schmeichel helped United win the Premier League championship for the first time in 26 years. Schmeichel was once again named "The World's Best Goalkeeper" in 1993. In January 1994, Schmeichel fell out with Ferguson, as United had squandered a 3–0 lead to draw 3–3 with Liverpool. The two had a row where Schmeichel "said the most horrible things",[16] and he was subsequently sacked by Ferguson. A few days later, Schmeichel made an improvised apology to the other players. Unknown to him, Ferguson was eavesdropping on this, and he let Schmeichel stay at Manchester United.[14] Schmeichel and United repeated the Premier League championship win at the end of the season.

Despite being a goalkeeper, he could also single-handedly provide a deadly attacking threat. He would run into the attack on corner kicks if his team was behind. The sight of him going up for the corner was a great distraction to opposing defenders. He scored a goal in this fashion, for Man United, in a 1995 UEFA Cup match against Rotor Volgograd. He scored in the last minutes of the game, though United was eliminated from the tournament on the away goals rule.

In April 1996, during a game against Coventry City, Coventry defender David Busst colided with United defender Denis Irwin and suffered a compound fracture of the leg. The break was so bad that the bone pierced through the skin and his blood had to be cleared off the pitch. Schmeichel, who witnessed the incident, reportedly vomited at the sight and had to receive counselling afterwards.

Schmeichel competed with Denmark at the Euro 96 hosted by England. The defending European Champions went out in the preliminary group stage, despite delivering results equivalent to the Euro 92 tournament.[17]

Following a February 1997 match against Arsenal, Schmeichel was accused of racism by Arsenal striker Ian Wright. During the game, Schmeichel and Wright had a number of controversies, and at the end of the game, the two players confronted each other on their way off the pitch. After the game, news emerged of a police inquiry into a November 1996 match between the two clubs, where it was alleged that Schmeichel had made a racist remark. After months of politicizing by The FA and The PFA, who wanted a "converted" Schmeichel as their posterboy of the "Kick Racism out of Football" campaign, no evidence was found and the case was dropped.[18]

Under new national manager Bo Johansson, Schmeichel was a part of the Danish squad at the 1998 FIFA World Cup. He was one of the leading members of the Danish campaign, which ended in a 3–2 quarter-final defeat to Brazil.

Schmeichel ended his Manchester United career on the highest note, when Schmeichel and United won the Treble, the FA Premier League title, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League, in the same season. In that year's FA Cup semi-final against Arsenal, Schmeichel saved a penalty kick by Dennis Bergkamp in the last minutes of the game, to send the game into extra time. In the absence of the suspended Roy Keane, he captained United in the UEFA Champions League final in May 1999. German opponents Bayern Munich had a 1–0 lead until the dying minutes of the game, when United received a corner kick. Schmeichel ran into the attack attempting to cause confusion, and Teddy Sheringham scored the equalising goal. A few seconds later, Ole Gunnar Solskjær scored the 2–1 winner for United to ensure that Schmeichel's United career ended on the highest possible note. In an unforgettable celebratory moment, Schmeichel was shown cartwheeling gleefully in his area after Solskjær's winning goal.

[edit] Sporting CP
Schmeichel decided to leave English football at the end of the 1999 season, as the gruelling 60 game league and cups season, which came with playing with a successful club, was threatening to undermine his high standards at the age of 36. Seeking a slower pace of football, he moved to Sporting CP, where he won the 1999–2000 Portuguese Liga title in his first season with the club. He scored his only goal for the Danish national team, a penalty kick against Belgium, in a June 2000 warm-up match for UEFA Euro 2000. He represented Denmark at Euro 2000, where the team was eliminated in the group stage. He retired from the national team in April 2001, when he played a planned farewell match against Slovenia.

His second year with Sporting would be remarkable in that it was the first time in 14 years, since his Hvidovre days, that Schmeichel's club would finish below second place in the domestic league competition. Schmeichel stated his wish to activate a contract option of a further year at Sporting in January 2001,[19] but eventually decided to leave the club when his contract ran out in June 2001.[20] He considered a number of options for the future, before deciding to keep on playing.

[edit] Return to England
He returned to England with Aston Villa in July 2001.[21] On 20 October 2001, Schmeichel became the first goalkeeper to score a Premier League goal, in a 3–2 defeat away to Everton. A goalkeeper scoring in the Premier League is a feat only repeated twice, by Blackburn Rovers' Brad Friedel on 21 February 2004, also from a corner kick, and by Tottenham Hotspur's Paul Robinson from a free-kick on 17 March 2007. Schmeichel failed to complete his single season at Villa due to a clause in his contract stipulating that he would get to play in every game that he was fit for. Villa and Schmeichel decided to terminate Schmeichel's contract in order to let Schmeichel leave.

Schmeichel played his last active year for Manchester City during the 2002–03 season. Schmeichel's record in the Manchester derby is exceptional, in that he was never on the losing side. During his nine years with Manchester United, they were unbeaten against Manchester City, while in his single season with City, they won at Maine Road and drew at Old Trafford. His last major action in football was to make a world class save against Liverpool at Anfield, in a game which City went on to win. This ultimately led to Liverpool missing out on a Champions League spot on the final day of the season.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

3 Hip Hop song you need to hear vol 2:

1.Nas - One Mic.

As described on TR this is one of the rare hip hop tracks to give me goosebumps. The way Nas deliveres his Chilling verses over a evolving beat shows one of the many reasons he is a legend in the game. Taken from the album Stillmatic which dropped 2001 and recieved 5 mics in the source.

2.Wu tang clan - Ain't nuttin to fuck with

Taken from Enter the wu-tang (36 chambers) the group go in on a Rza produced beat showing why they are the biggest group in Hip hop history.

3.Eminem - Stan

Probably one of the biggest most creative songs in Hip hop history. Taken from the Marshall Mathers LP which is Eminem's second solo album the single reached the top of the uk charts featuring british singer Dido. The track features Stan who is a obsessive Eminem fan who's life revolves around the rappers life. When he's letters go awnsered though he takes drastic measures.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Random thoughts vol 2:I'd "Hit" that

Ok so im chatting away to a mate and we see a girl walk past and he goes to the typical chav level with "i would so hit that" I mean its not like it's first time i heard that phrase but really? What happened to people being real and just saying id fuck her with no rubber till she gets friction burn and my foreskin bleeds looking like a rasberry burst open on a peeled bananna or someshit. I mean even tht as graphic as it is is better than id hit that.

I personally just save that term for when i strike a bitch with my fist and then brag to mates like yeah i hit that! Tho sexually how does i hit that work? Are we talking the art of the infamous clownface where the man busts a load on her mouth and punches her nose because if so i don't feel so weird anymore now that it has caught on.

Im interested if anyone else has heard similar bad phrases. Hit me back.

Random video people need to see vol 2

This weeks vid is basicly to plug Dashiexp who is a youtube user who i feel makes great vids. He's latest video is titled "The blind date" and he updates fairly frequently.

For more plese visit

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Album/Game/Film of the week vol 1:

Album:Proof: Time a tell

Ok this time its more a mixtape but the fact the high standard of this mixtape was written and recorded in just 24 hours is astonishing. Proof rhymes over beats by DJ Jewels and features with an array of Detroit artists. Proof is well known as Eminem's hypeman and for being the creater of rapn group D12. He has 1 solo album to his name and a collection of mixtapes off of his label Iron fist.

01 Time A Tell Intro 1
02 Time A Tell Intro 2 f. Anna Doll
03 Friends Ain’t Really Friends
04 You Heard Of Us f. Killa Kaun & 1st Born
05 Whole New Beginning f. Supa MC
06 Shady
07 Yo Chick f. Big Dogg
08 Priceless
09 I Think Of You
10 Sincerely Proof
11 Block Boyz f. C4
12 Jus Fooling!
13 Iron Fist
14 Pill Pop
15 Time A Tell f. Ty Farris, Yung Famous & The Young Truth
16 Verbal Spar
17 Back Where We Started
18 Herman Keipher
19 Herman Keipher
20 Private Dance
21 Crew Deep
22 Detroit Luv

Game: Fifa 10

This game is easily the best football game out. I just play online alot but there are alot of other modes availible. The game has endless replayability and should easily tide you over untill Fifa 2011. The only thing this gme needs is the revamped passing that features on the world cup edition.

Film: Pulp fiction

For reviews (Am pressed for time) please go to

Brilliant film tho.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Random thoughts vol 1: Hidden motives

Why is the world full of self centered people? Is kind of like if your nice and giving your automaticly a target because people see you as a opitunity rather than who you are. People will always be out to fuck kind natured people over but luckily im a rare % of the kind people who bite back. If i even got to hurt myself to get even i will, sounds like a asshole move maybe but its make that rep or get fucked over multiple times as mentioned before.

It's kind of odd because last few weeks ive had couple people start talking to me again when it's clear as day what there motives are. Especially when its family members and close friends, they act as if it is some other agenda and they made mistakes but it's like "i know you!!" you can just read people your close to so how the fuck they think they can fuck me over is a shock.

Tho...i guess emotions are a powerful tool which control a huge % of people and would maybe "blind" people. But then i guess my kind side kicks in and asks why do that to people? Guess i awnsered that with self centered. I don't want to sound emo but since a certain big thing happened to me ive found it hard to feel emotions and tho it is often a curse as il try to "fake" emotion to make someone feel ok and do the nice thing (as a kind person lol) im thankful it means i stay very awake to what people's intentions are.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Great footballers vol 1

Yeah im biased as fuck with the first Vol its none other than Gianfranco Zola

I personally think this guy is the greatest to ever grace a Chelsea shirt and id say best ever prem player tho it could be widley debated but he is up there. Not going to go into it much as ive stole a big write up from wiki but what i will say he wasnt like ronaldo etc and have the big head because of his talent. He was the most humble footballer ive seen and Chelsea owe alot to the guy.

Club career
[edit] Italy
Zola signed his first professional contract with Sardinian team Nuorese in 1984. In 1986, he moved to Torres from Sassari, the oldest club in Sardinia, where he spent three seasons. In 1989, he signed for Napoli in Serie A. The young and talented Zola scored two goals as understudy to Diego Maradona as Napoli won the Serie A title in 1990. Maradona would prove to be a big influence on Zola's career. The two would spend hours practising free kicks together after training and Zola later said that "I learned everything from Diego. I used to spy on him every time he trained and learned how to curl a free-kick just like him."[5] He helped Napoli to win the Supercoppa Italiana in 1991 and he made his debut for the Italian national side under coach Arrigo Sacchi in the same year, winning his first cap against Norway in November. In 1993, Zola left Napoli and joined fellow Serie A side Parma. He won the UEFA Cup with Parma and they were runners-up in Serie A and the Italian Cup in 1995. It was with the blue and yellow club that he cemented his reputation as a creative player. However, coach Carlo Ancelotti came to see Zola as a "square peg" unable to fit into his rigid system.[6] Zola was played out of position and ultimately made available for transfer.

[edit] Chelsea
In November 1996, Zola joined Chelsea for £4.5 million as one of several continental players signed by Ruud Gullit and wore the number 25 jersey. Zola's debut against Tottenham Hotspur was the first immediately following the death of Chelsea director Matthew Harding in a helicopter crash three days before. In his debut season he put in several notable performances and scored a series of memorable goals. In February 1997, after spiriting the ball around Manchester United's defence in the penalty area before slotting the ball past goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, he was described by United manager Alex Ferguson as a "clever little so-and-so."[7] He was a key player in Chelsea's resurgence that season, helping them win the FA Cup with a 2–0 win over Middlesbrough at Wembley having scored four goals en route to the final, including a 25 yard curling shot against Liverpool as Chelsea came from 0–2 behind to win 4–2, and a "twisted blood" effort in the semi-final against Wimbledon, backheeling the ball and turning 180 degrees before slotting the ball into the net. At the end of the season he was voted FWA Player of the Year, the only player ever to win the accolade without playing a full season in the English league and the first Chelsea player to win it.

In 1997–98, he helped Chelsea win three more trophies, the League Cup, the Cup Winners' Cup and the Super Cup. An injury denied him a place in the starting line-up for the Cup Winners' Cup final against Stuttgart at the Råsunda Stadium in Stockholm, but he came on as a second-half substitute and scored the winning goal within 21 seconds. With only his second touch of the game, he struck a through ball from Dennis Wise past Wohlfahrt into the roof of the net to secure Chelsea's third major trophy in a year and the second European trophy in the club's history. In the same season, Zola hit his first professional hat-trick, in a 4–0 victory over Derby County at Stamford Bridge in November 1997.

"Gianfranco tries everything because he is a wizard and the wizard must try."
— Claudio Ranieri reflecting on Zola's back-heeled goal against Norwich in 2002.[8]
When Chelsea made their first appearance in the Champions League in 1999–2000, Zola was a key player throughout, although he found his chances in the league more limited, owing to manager Gianluca Vialli's squad rotation policy. Zola scored three goals in Chelsea's run to the quarter-finals, including a curling free kick against Barcelona, and again won the FA Cup with the club, with his free-kick in the final against Aston Villa setting up Roberto Di Matteo's winner. His later years with Chelsea saw his appearances restricted by the new strike pairing of Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and Eiður Guðjohnsen, but in Hasselbaink's first season at Stamford Bridge, Zola formed a good partnership with him, scoring 32 league goals between them, (Zola scoring 9 and Hasselbaink hauled 23). It was the 2001–02 season that Zola's starting chances became limited, after a summer when Claudio Ranieri showed to door to many of Chelsea's ageing stars such as club captain Dennis Wise, goalscoring midfielder Gustavo Poyet and French defender Frank Leboeuf, Zola was limited to infrequent starts and many substitute appearances due to Ranieri's new policy of decreasing the average age of the Chelsea squad, preferring to play the gifted Icelandic youngster Gudjohnsen with Hasselbiank, though Zola did score with a backheeled effort in mid-air in an FA Cup tie against Norwich City, a goal manager Claudio Ranieri described as "fantasy, magic".[9] In 2002–03, his final season with Chelsea, he enjoyed a renaissance, scoring 16 goals, his highest seasonal tally for Chelsea, and was voted the club's player of the year after helping Chelsea qualify for the Champions League.

Zola scored his final goal for Chelsea, a lob from outside the penalty area against Everton, on Easter Monday 2003, and made his final competitive appearance for the club on the final day of the season with a 20-minute cameo against Liverpool, beating four Liverpool players during a fantastic dribble late on in the match, gaining applause from both sets of fans. This would become the final class moment of his Chelsea career. He played in a total of 312 games for Chelsea and scored 80 goals. In early 2003, Zola was voted as the best ever Chelsea player by Chelsea's fans. In November 2004, he was awarded an OBE – Honorary Member of the Order of the British Empire in a special ceremony in Rome.[10] In 2005, Zola was voted into the Chelsea F.C. Centenary Eleven, occupying one of the two forward roles. Whilst the club has not officially withdrawn Zola's number 25 shirt from circulation, no other player has held the squad number since his departure.

Return to Italy
In the summer of 2003, amid rumours of an impending takeover at Chelsea, Zola left Stamford Bridge to join Cagliari, the most important club from his native Sardinia. Within a week Chelsea was acquired by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. It was reported that Abramovich tried to buy the entire Cagliari club[11] when Zola refused to renege on his verbal contract with Cagliari, although Zola himself will not confirm it.[12] Zola subsequently led Cagliari to promotion to the Italian Serie A. Then he renewed his contract for Cagliari Calcio for one more year. He retired in June 2005, after ending his career in appropriate style with a double against Juventus in his last ever professional game. His number 10 Cagliari jersey was withdrawn in his honour for the season after he left but was worn in the 2006–07 season by Andrea Capone.[13]

Thursday, 29 July 2010

3 Hip Hop song you need to hear vol 1:

Song 1:Rakim - The mystery (Who is god) From the album "The 18th letter"

Rakim spitting about who god is using a mix of both science and religion. Def one of the more slept on artists in modern time. Rakim's last album dropped 2009 titled "The seventh seal".

Song 2:Akala - Find no enemy From the album "Doublethink"

Akala showin some realness and truth over a laid back beat. The track is from Akala's last album "Doublethink" which recieved big praise in multiple reviews. Akala is currently in Brazil shooting a video for "Yours and my children" Which talks on the killing of favella children by the police. Here is the live preformance of "Find no enemy" And hopefully your check out the album. Real hip hop.

Track 3: Redman - I got a seecret from the album "Doc's da name 2000"

Redman spits raw and flows crazily over a nice but simplistic beat. Redman shows why he is clearly one of the most underated in the game. Redman's last solo album was "Red's gone wild" tho he is currently working on "Reggie" which is slated for a october realese.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Concussion is not fun!

O.k so today at work i managed to get hit in the head pretty hard and although i stayed the rest of the shift i was fairly badly concussed. I was going to bitch and moan about how shitty it feels but then i thought...Well thats the thing i didn't I still feel it abit and its like my brain has shut down most things so that i don't over think or some crazy shit. So instead to save me effort i thought id visit good old youtube for anything amusing to post and save me some painful thinking.

LMAO @ how everyone just stands and observes him like it would be breaking some kind of skater law by showing some compassion and actually seeing if he was alright. This however = The GREATEST way ever to get concussed.

Monday, 26 July 2010

WTF Adidas!!!

Every year it seems Adidas try to stick Chelsea with a dodgy kit and frankly make me wish more so we stuck with Umbro. We had the "Hi vis road saftey yellow kit" The orange keeper kit that i see some overweight dude at a game looking like a sweating satsuma. The "Where Inter Milan B team kit" (Which included abit of hi vis return) and now this season we have 2 new dodgy ones!!! I won't post the other as its yet to be confirmed but this kit is imo horrid...

I partly feel sorry for John because if he was being paid football wages from years ago he would have trouble sleeping with models an such...Luckily for John he is a wealthy man and has the luxury of frankly whatever he pleases. But hey all could be worse, If Adidas hate us i dread to think how they feel about Lyon...

I feel like i walked into a fucking rug store...

Drinking before work is a fucking yes!!!

Ok so im kinda responding to this The first blog about how drinking before work is a no no. I mean, WTF!! I work in a warehouse where you are poorly treated and morale is at a all time low. We are talking major depressive's, There should be suicide watch at my work. If everyone had a few drinks it would be a more happy place to work, Ok ok so occasionly there would be a fatal accident due to under the influence working but even that would be funny at times. The drinking happens because as she states she basicly didn't want to miss out on good times with friends. She probably had a great time that night. Her mistake is she STOPPED drinking. If she downed half a bottle of vodka before work she would of got straight throught it buzzing like a horny bee. She notes how she was told to go home eairly, WTF how ungreatful are you? Id of kissed my boss right there and insisted on him letting me blow him and im as straight as they come. Im sorry Chelsea (Love the name by the way) but as undeniably hot you are you have alot to learn about work and drinking.

Good day.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Why Jay and Silent Bob are my hero's

Well, That's half the story anyhow. You guys really need to check there films out though if you havent seen any. Another great vid.

Fucking Blogs

Im just going to use this as a platform to bitch about stuff then force my opinion down peoples throat cos obv im cool like that. Il also talk some shit about teh footballz and weird shit that happened on away day travels etc, Cos trust me!! some weird shit does go down!!