Thursday, 29 July 2010

3 Hip Hop song you need to hear vol 1:

Song 1:Rakim - The mystery (Who is god) From the album "The 18th letter"

Rakim spitting about who god is using a mix of both science and religion. Def one of the more slept on artists in modern time. Rakim's last album dropped 2009 titled "The seventh seal".

Song 2:Akala - Find no enemy From the album "Doublethink"

Akala showin some realness and truth over a laid back beat. The track is from Akala's last album "Doublethink" which recieved big praise in multiple reviews. Akala is currently in Brazil shooting a video for "Yours and my children" Which talks on the killing of favella children by the police. Here is the live preformance of "Find no enemy" And hopefully your check out the album. Real hip hop.

Track 3: Redman - I got a seecret from the album "Doc's da name 2000"

Redman spits raw and flows crazily over a nice but simplistic beat. Redman shows why he is clearly one of the most underated in the game. Redman's last solo album was "Red's gone wild" tho he is currently working on "Reggie" which is slated for a october realese.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Concussion is not fun!

O.k so today at work i managed to get hit in the head pretty hard and although i stayed the rest of the shift i was fairly badly concussed. I was going to bitch and moan about how shitty it feels but then i thought...Well thats the thing i didn't I still feel it abit and its like my brain has shut down most things so that i don't over think or some crazy shit. So instead to save me effort i thought id visit good old youtube for anything amusing to post and save me some painful thinking.

LMAO @ how everyone just stands and observes him like it would be breaking some kind of skater law by showing some compassion and actually seeing if he was alright. This however = The GREATEST way ever to get concussed.

Monday, 26 July 2010

WTF Adidas!!!

Every year it seems Adidas try to stick Chelsea with a dodgy kit and frankly make me wish more so we stuck with Umbro. We had the "Hi vis road saftey yellow kit" The orange keeper kit that i see some overweight dude at a game looking like a sweating satsuma. The "Where Inter Milan B team kit" (Which included abit of hi vis return) and now this season we have 2 new dodgy ones!!! I won't post the other as its yet to be confirmed but this kit is imo horrid...

I partly feel sorry for John because if he was being paid football wages from years ago he would have trouble sleeping with models an such...Luckily for John he is a wealthy man and has the luxury of frankly whatever he pleases. But hey all could be worse, If Adidas hate us i dread to think how they feel about Lyon...

I feel like i walked into a fucking rug store...

Drinking before work is a fucking yes!!!

Ok so im kinda responding to this The first blog about how drinking before work is a no no. I mean, WTF!! I work in a warehouse where you are poorly treated and morale is at a all time low. We are talking major depressive's, There should be suicide watch at my work. If everyone had a few drinks it would be a more happy place to work, Ok ok so occasionly there would be a fatal accident due to under the influence working but even that would be funny at times. The drinking happens because as she states she basicly didn't want to miss out on good times with friends. She probably had a great time that night. Her mistake is she STOPPED drinking. If she downed half a bottle of vodka before work she would of got straight throught it buzzing like a horny bee. She notes how she was told to go home eairly, WTF how ungreatful are you? Id of kissed my boss right there and insisted on him letting me blow him and im as straight as they come. Im sorry Chelsea (Love the name by the way) but as undeniably hot you are you have alot to learn about work and drinking.

Good day.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Why Jay and Silent Bob are my hero's

Well, That's half the story anyhow. You guys really need to check there films out though if you havent seen any. Another great vid.

Fucking Blogs

Im just going to use this as a platform to bitch about stuff then force my opinion down peoples throat cos obv im cool like that. Il also talk some shit about teh footballz and weird shit that happened on away day travels etc, Cos trust me!! some weird shit does go down!!