Thursday, 29 July 2010

3 Hip Hop song you need to hear vol 1:

Song 1:Rakim - The mystery (Who is god) From the album "The 18th letter"

Rakim spitting about who god is using a mix of both science and religion. Def one of the more slept on artists in modern time. Rakim's last album dropped 2009 titled "The seventh seal".

Song 2:Akala - Find no enemy From the album "Doublethink"

Akala showin some realness and truth over a laid back beat. The track is from Akala's last album "Doublethink" which recieved big praise in multiple reviews. Akala is currently in Brazil shooting a video for "Yours and my children" Which talks on the killing of favella children by the police. Here is the live preformance of "Find no enemy" And hopefully your check out the album. Real hip hop.

Track 3: Redman - I got a seecret from the album "Doc's da name 2000"

Redman spits raw and flows crazily over a nice but simplistic beat. Redman shows why he is clearly one of the most underated in the game. Redman's last solo album was "Red's gone wild" tho he is currently working on "Reggie" which is slated for a october realese.

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