Thursday, 5 August 2010

3 Hip Hop song you need to hear vol 2:

1.Nas - One Mic.

As described on TR this is one of the rare hip hop tracks to give me goosebumps. The way Nas deliveres his Chilling verses over a evolving beat shows one of the many reasons he is a legend in the game. Taken from the album Stillmatic which dropped 2001 and recieved 5 mics in the source.

2.Wu tang clan - Ain't nuttin to fuck with

Taken from Enter the wu-tang (36 chambers) the group go in on a Rza produced beat showing why they are the biggest group in Hip hop history.

3.Eminem - Stan

Probably one of the biggest most creative songs in Hip hop history. Taken from the Marshall Mathers LP which is Eminem's second solo album the single reached the top of the uk charts featuring british singer Dido. The track features Stan who is a obsessive Eminem fan who's life revolves around the rappers life. When he's letters go awnsered though he takes drastic measures.

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