Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Random thoughts vol 2:I'd "Hit" that

Ok so im chatting away to a mate and we see a girl walk past and he goes to the typical chav level with "i would so hit that" I mean its not like it's first time i heard that phrase but really? What happened to people being real and just saying id fuck her with no rubber till she gets friction burn and my foreskin bleeds looking like a rasberry burst open on a peeled bananna or someshit. I mean even tht as graphic as it is is better than id hit that.

I personally just save that term for when i strike a bitch with my fist and then brag to mates like yeah i hit that! Tho sexually how does i hit that work? Are we talking the art of the infamous clownface where the man busts a load on her mouth and punches her nose because if so i don't feel so weird anymore now that it has caught on.

Im interested if anyone else has heard similar bad phrases. Hit me back.

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