Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Album/Game/Film of the week vol 1:

Album:Proof: Time a tell

Ok this time its more a mixtape but the fact the high standard of this mixtape was written and recorded in just 24 hours is astonishing. Proof rhymes over beats by DJ Jewels and features with an array of Detroit artists. Proof is well known as Eminem's hypeman and for being the creater of rapn group D12. He has 1 solo album to his name and a collection of mixtapes off of his label Iron fist.

01 Time A Tell Intro 1
02 Time A Tell Intro 2 f. Anna Doll
03 Friends Ain’t Really Friends
04 You Heard Of Us f. Killa Kaun & 1st Born
05 Whole New Beginning f. Supa MC
06 Shady
07 Yo Chick f. Big Dogg
08 Priceless
09 I Think Of You
10 Sincerely Proof
11 Block Boyz f. C4
12 Jus Fooling!
13 Iron Fist
14 Pill Pop
15 Time A Tell f. Ty Farris, Yung Famous & The Young Truth
16 Verbal Spar
17 Back Where We Started
18 Herman Keipher
19 Herman Keipher
20 Private Dance
21 Crew Deep
22 Detroit Luv


Game: Fifa 10

This game is easily the best football game out. I just play online alot but there are alot of other modes availible. The game has endless replayability and should easily tide you over untill Fifa 2011. The only thing this gme needs is the revamped passing that features on the world cup edition.

Film: Pulp fiction

For reviews (Am pressed for time) please go to http://www.metacritic.com/video/titles/pulpfiction

Brilliant film tho.

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