Monday, 9 August 2010

United Away....Kind of.

So as the press like to tell you the season kicked off yesterday at Wembley stadium, tho i slightly disagree with this statement it did nothing to take away from the fact i was excited to get my teeth back into the spirit of going to games to support my team (Chelsea).

Now the way i will normally conduct these blogs is with Twitter "updates" and also pics (Tho this one will only have 1 that i took as i need to buy a few more phone batterys.). Now the pics will mainly be outside of the ground as im not really big on people taking pics during games. Tho i will try to get 1 or 2 while in the stadium just not of the game.

The day started off with a bit of a shock at Broadstairs train station where there was about 50 people waiting for a train. And considering the size of the town it was abit odd, tho how they where dressed it wasnt long untill i found out it was because Broadstairs was host to a Folk festivle.Which ment the town was invaded by many odd people like this chap.

Now i don't know WTF that thing is on the left but it's scary enough without the fucking ginger wig!

Now as the train arrived this led to Twitter updates to begin "
UNITED AWAY UPDATE 1: Have infiltrated a group of people from a folk festival. Will try to take pics descretly. "

They spoke about the amount of "peace and love" that the town had shown them and that is generated during this week of folk and that they loved the town for annually being this way. That plus the pic led me to one conclusion, There are more people into puppet sex than i had originally thought.

"UNITED AWAY UPDATE 2: The folks left the train. No pics just memorys of a attractive girl with weird shaped boobs"

I won't lie i was oddly turned on by this one girl who i prayed would have to get off before me as i was nursing a precum erection. Tho she did have odd shapped boobs which led a mate to belive she could be a man... An attractive lady looking man at that.

"UNITED AWAY UPDATE 3:Arrived in London. Heading to Wembley "

We arrived at St Pancreas international to find that at least 30 so United fans moved to Kent and developed southern accents.

"UNITED AWAY UPDATE 4: Yo Mike. Nice Newcastle girl but probly a pedo obsivation on my part. "

On the way to our tube route i encountered a lovely looking Newcastle fan that would definatly of been a risk due to the "jailbait" factor. I decided not enough beers had been drunk and proceeded to Wembley. Sorry Mike

" UNITED AWAY UPDATE 5:Am there. Up the blues! "

I had gotten to Wembley where prices are even more inflated than there already are in London but i did get a quickly taken pic of Wembley

What a giant peice of shit....

Did have a chance to get interviewed for Sky but declined. And entered the stadium where i forgot they only serve Heniken at steep prices...erm no thanks.

"UNITED AWAY UPDATE 6: Staff are after a squirel with the skill of Messi. "

A squirell was on the Wembley pitch and they had a creative idea to capture it!! Lets get a man with a towel to creep up on it and catch it!! The Squirell was belived to be interested on gaining a place in the Chelsea starting eleven at West Brom after hearing Solomon Kalou had shockingly still not lost his place during preseason.

" UNITED AWAY UPDATE 7:I heard a vuvuzela. Someone shall die."

That's right i heard a few actually, Why they haven't been banned is beyond me personally and i will kill someone if i catch them i sware to that. But interestingly that wasn't the worst noise i was to hear all night as upsetingly and unknowingly i was about to be "treated" to a Tinchy strider gig. Tosser.....

Now thats where i stop "Updating" as it would be gay to twitter during a game but future away games may have updates on the way back.

My views on the game were that we didnt deserve to lose 3-1. The game was alot closer than that tho our defense for both the first 2 goals was poor, something that hasn't given me much confidence throughout our preseason to be honest. Hilario decided to run into no mans land when it wsnt required to gift United a 3rd didnt help. We seem to start slow and the intensity of our attacking from the 80th min is how we should be attacking. Benayoun is looking a good signing and Sturridge really should have a starting spot ahead of Kalou as he really looks the part as a striker.

I was happy tho as i got to tick Rooney off my list of people i got to call a fucking cunt to there face. After he's gesture to the Chelsea fans (Esactly where i was sat) and have no doubt he will of heard it. The other player i have been sucessful upon this list is Steven Gerrard :). First blood of the season goes to United but it's a game noone places importance on unless they win. A win over your rivals is always nice and it will be a boost to United but the season is a long race and i can't wait for it to kick off.

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