Monday, 2 August 2010

Random thoughts vol 1: Hidden motives

Why is the world full of self centered people? Is kind of like if your nice and giving your automaticly a target because people see you as a opitunity rather than who you are. People will always be out to fuck kind natured people over but luckily im a rare % of the kind people who bite back. If i even got to hurt myself to get even i will, sounds like a asshole move maybe but its make that rep or get fucked over multiple times as mentioned before.

It's kind of odd because last few weeks ive had couple people start talking to me again when it's clear as day what there motives are. Especially when its family members and close friends, they act as if it is some other agenda and they made mistakes but it's like "i know you!!" you can just read people your close to so how the fuck they think they can fuck me over is a shock.

Tho...i guess emotions are a powerful tool which control a huge % of people and would maybe "blind" people. But then i guess my kind side kicks in and asks why do that to people? Guess i awnsered that with self centered. I don't want to sound emo but since a certain big thing happened to me ive found it hard to feel emotions and tho it is often a curse as il try to "fake" emotion to make someone feel ok and do the nice thing (as a kind person lol) im thankful it means i stay very awake to what people's intentions are.

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